100+ Voice Commands and Easter Eggs for Google Now

With the latest release of Android, Google’s personal assistant has more voice commands than ever before. Use this list to save time and get the most out of your phablet using Google Now.

To activate Google Now, simply say “OK, Google…” and use any of the commands listed below:

100+ Voice Commands and Easter Eggs for Google Now

Essential commands

  1. “Go to [phablist.com].”
  2. “Show me [google.com].”
  3. “Browse to [bing.com].”
  4. “Search for [Rihanna].”
  5. “Open [Gmail].”
  6. “Take a picture.”
  7. “Record a video.”


  1. “What’s my schedule today?”
  2. “Remind me to [call John at 6PM].”
  3. “Remind me [when I get / next time I’m at] [home / work / other location] [to call Mom].”
  4. “Remind me to [buy socks at Wal-Mart].”
  5. “Set an alarm for [6PM].”
  6. “Wake me up in [15 minutes].”
  7. “Wake me up at [6:00am].”
  8. “Create a calendar event: [Dinner at Chili’s on Wednesday at 7:00PM].”
  9. “Where’s my package?”
  10. “Note to self: [Car is parked in Section 3C].”
  11. “What’s up?” – Will read notifications on certain devices.


  1. “Call [George Smith].”
  2. “Call [Mom mobile].”
  3. “Text [Lee that I’m running 5 minutes late].”
  4. “Send email to [John Smith, subject, Google Now, message, Check out this list of Voice Commands].”
  5. “Listen to voicemail.”
  6. “Find [Rick’s] number.”
  7. “When is [Jane’s] birthday?”
  8. “Post to Google+ [I just learned a bunch of new Google Now commands at phablist.com].”

Media and Entertainment

  1. “Listen to: [Song Title] by [Artist Name].”
  2. “Play: [Artist Name].”
  3. “What’s this song?”
  4. “Play a random album.”
  5. “Play some music.”
  6. “Play next track.”
  7. “Pause music.”
  8. “Increase volume.”
  9. “Play podcast.”
  10. “YouTube [crazy cats].”
  11. “Listen to TV.”
  12. “Watch [Forrest Gump].”
  13. “What movies are playing tonight?”
  14. “Where is [Frozen] playing?”
  15. “Show me pictures of the [Chengyang Bridge].”
  16. “Who acted in [Forrest Gump]?”
  17. “Who is the producer of [X-men]?”
  18. “When was [Terminator 2] released?”
  19. “Runtime of [Titanic].”

Navigation and Travel

  1. “Navigate to [San Francisco, CA].”
  2. “Directions to [Staples].”
  3. “Map of [Chicago].”
  4. “[Walking] directions to [Starbucks].”
  5. “Find [the Golden Gate Bridge].”
  6. “Where is [the Grand Canyon]?”
  7. “Where’s the nearest [candy store]?”
  8. “How far is [New York] from [Tokyo]?”
  9. “Show me the menu for [Applebee’s].”
  10. “Call [Papa John’s Pizza].”
  11. “Show me my flights.”
  12. “Flight [AA 1234]?”
  13. “Flight status of [AA 1234]?”
  14. “Has [AA 1234] landed?”
  15. “When will [AA 1234] land / depart?”
  16. “Where is my hotel?”
  17. “What are some attractions in [Los Angeles]?”


  1. “What time is it in [New York]?”
  2. “What is the time zone of [Tokyo]?”
  3. “Time at home.”
  4. “Do I need an umbrella today?”
  5. “Is it going to rain [today / tomorrow / Monday / ect.]?”
  6. “What’s the weather in [Harpers Ferry] for [the weekend]?”
  7. “Weather.”
  8. “Where was [Thomas Edison] born?”
  9. “How old is [Barack Obama]?”
  10. “How do you say [goodbye] in [French]?”
  11. “What does [Xenoglossophobia] mean?”
  12. “Stock price of [Google]?”
  13. “What is [Twitter] trading at?”
  14. “[Facebook] stock.”
  15. “What is the square root of 2209?”
  16. “What is the meaning of life?”
  17. “When is sunset?”
  18. “Who invented [the internet]?”
  19. “Who is married to [Ben Affleck]?”
  20. “Author of [Hunger Games].”
  21. “What’s the tip for [$36.40]?”
  22. “Convert [currency / length / ect.] to [currency / length / ect.]”
  23. “What’s [16 ounces] in [pounds]?”
  24. “How much is two plus two?”
  25. “What is [30] percent of [425]?”
  26. “…equals”


  1. “Did the [Baltimore Ravens] win today?”
  2. “How did [the Detroit Red Wings] do?”
  3. “When is the next [Miami Heat] game?”
  4. “Did [New York Yankees] win their last game?”
  5. “Show me the [Premier League] table.”

Easter Eggs

  1. “Do a barrel roll”
  2. “What’s the loneliest number?”
  3. “Make me a sandwich!”
  4. “Sudo, make me a sandwich!”
  5. “When am I?”
  6. “Okay Jarvis,…” (Instead of Okay Google,…)
  7. “Who are you?”
  8. “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”
  9. “Beam me up, Scotty!”
  10. “Tilt” or “Askew”
  11. “What is your favorite color?”
  12. “Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right”
  13. “Tea, Earl Grey, hot”
  14. “Go go gadget [app name]”
  15. “When does the narwhal bacon?”
  16. “What is the Bacon number of [actor name]?”
  17. “What does the fox say?”

Did we miss something? While this is a fairly comprehensive list, there are more voice commands being added to Google Now with each update, so be sure to share any commands not listed here in the comments section below:

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