2 Ways to Take a Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Sometimes the simplest things can be so hard to figure out. Learn how to take a screen shot on the Galaxy S5 with these quick tips.

Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is extremely simple and no different than any other Galaxy device, but for those who are switching over from an iPhone or other Windows Phone things may not be so cut and dry. So here are two ways you can do it:

Method 1 – Saving a Galaxy S5 Screenshot Using Physical Buttons

The easiest way to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S5 is by using the physical button combination. This method is very similar to the way you save a screen using the iPhone except the buttons are in different locations:

  1. Get your screen exactly how you want it to be saved.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold both the power and home buttons. This may be a little tricky for new users because pressing one of the buttons to early will either result in launching other apps or options. When done properly, you should see a border flash around the screen and hear the camera shutter sound confirming a successful operation.
  3. You can now access the screenshot by using either the Gallery app or a file browser. All screenshots will be saved to the /pictures/screenshots directory by default.
Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is extremely simple and no different than any other Galaxy device.
Photo: Samsung.

It may take a couple tries before you get the timing right, but it is incredibly fast after a little practice. If you are having trouble, you can try holding the power button slightly earlier than holding the home button since the power button has more of a delay.

Method 2 – Galaxy S5 screenshot using palm swipe

This method is really slick and a lot easier for new users and requires no buttons. Known as Palm Swipe, this method is as simple as tilting your hand up onto its side, with your pinky facing down, and swiping it across the screen. Be sure to actually make contact with the screen when swiping.

easily take a screen shot on the galaxy s5 with your palm
Photo: Samsung

Palm Swipe should be enabled by default, but if the screenshot doesn’t take or you find yourself taking accidental screenshots often, here is how you can turn it on or off by navigating to Settings > Motion > Motion and Gestures > Palm Swipe to Capture.

That’s all there is to it, and the best part is these methods work on just about any other Samsung Android phones. So next time you want to save a webpage or a memorable moment in a game, give em’ a try.

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