Phablet Tips and Tricks

If you’re holding your shiny new phablet and are wondering how to get the most from it, then you’ve come to the right place. Discover new Android features you never knew existed with our tips and tricks.

How to SIM Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Free

This guide will teach you how to SIM unlock your carrier specific Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Free so you can use your device on other networks or with local SIM cards. If you have purchased a Galaxy Note 3 from a mobile carrier, chances are that your device is locked and will only work on that particular network. Even though you may own your handset, if you ever decide you want to use that same device under a new carrier, or purchase local SIM cards to avoid roaming fees, you will first have to unlock your Galaxy Note 3 SIM. While there are many cell phone unlocking services available, this guide will teach you how to successfully unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SIM for Free. This method comes to us via Android Geeks and does not require rooting or installing custom ROMS, but please note this guide should be followed by advanced users only. Phablist, and Android Geeks, … Continue reading How to SIM Unlock the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for Free

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips and Tricks

The latest flagship phablet from Samsung has a larger display, a faster processor, and even more capabilities than before. These tips and tricks will help you get the most out of the Galaxy Note 3. 1. Increase Your Productivity with Multi-Window One of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the ability to run two apps side by side, but its easily over looked if you don’t know where to find it. The multi-window tab looks like a little arrow button on the left side of the screen, you can toggle the tab on or off by long-pressing the back key. You can move the bar to any side of the screen by long-pressing the rounded tab while it’s open. When closed, the tab can be moved up or down using the same method. If you are not seeing the multi-window tab make sure the feature is enabled by going to Settings > Display. Using multi-window is … Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips and Tricks