Essential S Pen Tips for the Galaxy Note 4

The S Pen is more than just a scribbler for your screen; it is literally an extension of the Note 4 itself. After learning these cool tricks you will wonder how you ever managed to get along without it.

1. Multiple object selection

One really nice feature of the S Pen is its ability to function like a PC mouse. For example, if you want to delete multiple photos from your gallery you can use the S Pen to draw a translucent selection box (hold down the S-pen button) and then tap the trash can icon.

2. Preview text message links before opening them

It seems like everyone has that one friend who just loves to send out links that we shouldn’t necessarily open while were sitting down to a nice dinner with the family. Luckily you can use the S Pen in the Samsung messages app to hover over any links before you open them. Information is presented in a nifty preview card with the page title, description and thumbnail, if available.

use the s pen to preview text message links before opening them
Photo: Phablist

3. Scroll websites automatically

While reading a document or browsing a web page in the Samsung web browser, you can scroll up and down without swiping over and over by simply hovering the S Pen at the top or bottom of the screen.

4. Jot down and save a number to your contacts with Action Memo

You can use Action Memo from the Air commands menu to quickly write down a phone number and with this option you can call that number or add it to your contacts directly from the memo by using the corresponding menu. Websites and locations can also be accessed directly from the memo using the same method.

5. Jot down a note without unlocking your phone

Action memo can also be accessed from your Note 4 lock screen by holding down the S Pen button and double tapping the screen. You will be presented with a blank Action Note that will automatically save to your Scrapbook without any need to unlock your device.

note 4 s pen productivity tips and tricks action memo
With Action Memo there is no need to unlock your phone for a quick reminder.

6. Share only part of your screen

You can use the S Pen to draw a shape around content that you want to save or share. Press the S Pen button and select Image Clip from the air commands panel and tap Image Clip. Use the various crop tools so select the content you want to work with and it will automatically be saved to the clipboard. Click on the share via tab on the top right corner to send your clips off to social media like Facebook and twitter, or send them to your default messaging app.

7. Use Your S Pen When Wearing Gloves

The S-pen works in cold climates even when your hands might not. If you find it difficult to operate your Note 4 when wearing a pair a gloves, whip out the S Pen and make your life easier. Seems simple enough right? You would be surprised how many people overlook the S Pen because the less you use it, the less you think about it.

Do you have any cool S Pen tips you would like to see featured here? Share them with other readers in the comments section below.

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