LG G Pro 2 coming to US and Europe in April

According to the latest news received from ZDNet’s Korean edition, the LG G Pro 2 will officially launch in South Korea by the end of this month. Other Asian markets will follow soon after in March followed by the United States in April and Europe by May.

Officials released the details at a press conference following the launch of the phablet at the LG headquarters in Seoul. Senior executives said that the new phablet’s global sales will start in Asia in March then move to Europe and US.

“The G Pro 2 will be launched in Korea within this month,” said Cho Sung Ha, head of Korea sales at LG’s mobile division. “Starting in March, we will launch it in Asian countries where demand for large-screen phablets is the highest.”

“We will release the G Pro 2 in regions such as the US and Europe after that,” he added.

LG also said that Asia has the biggest market for phablets as consumers prefer devices that have screen sizes larger than 5.5-inches, while United States and European market consumers prefer devices anywhere from 5 to 5.5 inches, according to an internal survey.

For those considering a new high-end Android phablet, we strongly suggest that you check out the LG G Pro 2 before buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or HTC One Max.

Executives with Korea’s second largest mobile phone maker have not yet released any pricing details for the LG G Pro 2 for every region, but they are expected to surface in the coming weeks.

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