LG to Bring “Knock Code” Feature to the G Flex Phablet

Owners of the LG G Flex in “select countries” will soon be able to unlock their device using LG’s newest Knock Code technology, the company announced on Tuesday.

LG first introduced the Knock Code feature when it took the wraps off its G Pro 2 flagship last month, which lets users activate the display by tapping one of up to over 80,000 programmable combinations. The feature has since been making its appearance on just about every smartphone released by the company so far this year, including the F series and L series.

LG to Bring "Knock Code" Feature to the G Flex Phablet

Now LG has announced that the Knock Code feature will be made available on earlier devices via an OTA firmware update starting in April. It will be provided for devices sold in South Korea only, with the company having no imminent plans to expand it to other markets. Those who have the LG G2 and G Flex will be the first to get the update.

The Knock Code feature builds on LG’s ‘Knock On’ tap-to-power-on feature, which it made standard across its devices late last year. LG says internal testing shows users find Knock Code to be more convenient than other security measures, such as fingerprint recognition found on its rival devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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