Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips and Tricks

The latest flagship phablet from Samsung has a larger display, a faster processor, and even more capabilities than before. These tips and tricks will help you get the most out of the Galaxy Note 3.

1. Increase Your Productivity with Multi-Window

One of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the ability to run two apps side by side, but its easily over looked if you don’t know where to find it.

The multi-window tab looks like a little arrow button on the left side of the screen, you can toggle the tab on or off by long-pressing the back key. You can move the bar to any side of the screen by long-pressing the rounded tab while it’s open. When closed, the tab can be moved up or down using the same method. If you are not seeing the multi-window tab make sure the feature is enabled by going to Settings > Display.

Using multi-window is pretty straight forward, simply touch and drag an application outside of the tray to open it in a Multi window screen. For side-by-side view, repeat the process by dragging a second application from the multi-window bar to the other-side of the screen. To resize the window, touch and drag the dot in the middle of the screen in either direction.

You can create and save your own custom combinations by tapping the grey arrow at the bottom of the app list and selecting Create. Choose Edit to change which apps are listed. For even more information on how to use multi-window select Help. While not all apps are supported by multi-window, the feature does a great job of bringing true multitasking to the phablet. For example, you can keep your twitter feed up while watching funny cat videos on youtube.

note 3 tips and tricks multi-window for better productivity
With multi-window on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you can keep your twitter feed up while watching funny cat videos on youtube.

2. Make it Easier to Use with One Hand

Unless you have hands like Shaq, it can be pretty tricky to use a phablet with one hand. For the rest of us, Samsung included some features to make life a little easier. Head into Settings > Controls, where you’ll find One-handed operation.

From here, you can select options for the keypad, keyboard, calculator, and unlock pattern, which will give you small arrows you can tap to move the elements to either side of the screen. You can also choose the “Use for all screens” option, which will allow you to resize and drag the entire screen wherever you want.

samsung galaxy note 3 tips and tricks one hand operation makes life easier
Enabling One-handed operation on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will make your life easier.

3. Optimize Your S-Pen Settings

By default, when you remove the S-pen from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a pop-up menu appears with various air commands. While this may seem like a nice feature at first, you may find that it becomes rather annoying.

To disable the air-command menu by default, navigate to Settings > System > S Pen > Pen detachment options, from here you can select none, or select a different action (if available). If you ever need the air command menu in the future, simply press the button on your S-pen.

If you find yourself misplacing your S-pen often, you can set your Note 3 to alert you when the two become separated when you walk away by enabling the S Pen keeper – also in the S Pen settings.

samsung galaxy note 3 hidden features
Get the most out of your Galaxy Note 3 S-pen with these tweaks.

4. Quickly Show All Quick Settings

Pull down the notification panel with two fingers instead of one to view all available quick setting buttons. You can customize which quick settings appear at the top of the notification panel by tapping the pencil icon at the top right.

quick tips tricks hidden features settings for galaxy note 3
Pull down the notification panel with two fingers instead of one to view all available quick setting buttons.

5. Keep One Less Remote Lying Around

There is an IR transmitter built on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that allows your phablet to become an effective substitute for your television, cable, and even DVR remote. To view programming schedules and access remote control functionality simply fire up Samsung’s WatchON application where you will be prompted to enter your region details and TV type. It’s a painless process that offers plenty of reward.

note 3 tv and set top box remote control how to setup
Use WatchOn to control your television with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

6. Quickly Access Recent Apps and RAM Manager

If you need to quickly switch between apps without using multi-window, hold the Home button to access a list of your most recently used apps. You can also use this method to quickly access the Task Manager where you can manage running applications and memory usage.

How to Quickly Access Recent Apps and RAM Manager
Free up memory and keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running smooth with the RAM manager.

7. Write Notes on the Fly

Go to Settings > Device > Lock screen and check the box next to Action memo on lock screen. Now you can hold down the S Pen button and double tap on the screen to bring a memo window up and write down notes without having to unlock the phone first.

Take notes without unlocking phone Note 3 tips
Action memo allows you to write notes without unlocking the device.

Bonus Tweaks

8. Take Screen Shots with the S Pen

There are many different ways to take screen shots on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with the most common method being to hold down the Home and Power button together. To take a screenshot with the S Pen, hold the S Pen button and then hold the S Pen on the screen, after a brief second the screen will be captured.

To take a screen shot without pressing anything, you can enable palm motion screen capture function in Settings > Motions and gestures > Palm motion. Now the screen can be captured by swiping your hand from right to left, or vice versa.

9. Spy Camera Mode

Okay, it’s not really a mode, but if you need to disable the shutter sound on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 you can do so simply by silencing your phone or putting it on vibrate. If that doesn’t work for some reason you can try to force the matter by going to Settings > Accessibility, and enabling “Turn off all sounds.”

10. Use Camera Flash for Notifications

There are many options available when it comes to getting alerts and notifications for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, including one you may have seen before from many iPhone users – the camera flash. Many people may think this feature is obnoxious, but for those who can’t afford to miss a message it’s an excellent solution. To enable, navigate to Settings > Device > Accessibility, and check Flash notification.

11. Show Battery Percentage in Status Bar

Take the guesswork out of your battery life by enabling battery percentage on the status bar. To enable go to Settings > Display > More Settings, and check Show battery percentage.

Have any killer tips of your own? Be sure to let others know below in the comments section.

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