Alcatel Idol 4S Specifications, Comparison, News and Information

Alcatel Idol 4S Specifications and Features


401 DPI

21 MP

8 MP

64 GB

+ Yes


Snapdragon 820
Adreno 530 GPU

Alcatel Idol 4S Technical Specifications

Battery 3000 mAh
Removable Battery No
Wireless Charging No
Biometrics Fingerprint
Water Rating None
Infrared Port No
Display 5.5"
401 ppi
Rear Camera 21 MP
Front Camera 8 MP
Video Quality 1080p
Chipset Snapdragon 820
GPU Adreno 530
Storage 64 GB
Expandable Storage Yes
OSWindows 10

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  • qitcryn

    DONT BUY>.. had this phone for 2 weeks.. started off fine.. then the dreaded Call Mic problem started.. as stated in other reviews. On which i wish i would have listened and stayed away.. $200 for the phone with a $50 discount (=$150) i could help but try and see if i got lucky.. but nope.. i gambled and lost. Although the phone worked extremely well.. the bug seems to be a programming issue more than so the actual microphone hardware. If i use the Sound Recording APP and record audio.. it uses the same microphone you would use in regular phone call (phone to ear). But in a phone call. this mic won’t work.. or muffles.. but if you put the phone call on speaker.. it uses the microphones at the top of the phone (video recording mics).. Therefor this is more of a programming issue. I’ve tried adjusting all settings in the phone..even deleting applications that use the microphones.. I also would like to believe that with the option to record phone calls.. while in call.. may interfere with the programming .. those issues are truly going device wide.. SO BUYER BEWARE !!!