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7 Hilarious Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Memes

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 literally hit the market with a BANG. After being released in August, the Note 7 was an instant success and highly popular. Then, all of a sudden, units started catching fire and it didnt take long for the internet to respond with all sorts of really funny jokes, images, and memes. We’ve compiled seven of the best Note 7 explosion memes for your viewing pleasure. Click any image to view full size. Note 7 + Gear VR = Regret. Gear VR owners were warned by Oculus against using their headsets with the Galaxy Note 7 until a replacement phablet could be obtained from Samsung. Many believe, as the saying goes, “There is a grain of truth inevery joke”, and this meme is no exception. A man traveling to Australia on business claimed that his Galaxy Note 7 phablet exploded overnight in his hotel room as he slept with it charging nearby the bed. The explosion caused … Continue reading 7 Hilarious Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Memes

I survived the Galaxy Note 7 recall and all I got was this microSD card

It’s been a crazy month for Samsung and the Galaxy Note 7 after exploding batteries wreaked havoc across the globe, causing the tech giant to call back one million units following nearly 100 reports of injuries and property damage in the United States alone. The Galaxy Note 7 “Batteryexplosiongate” is among the largest smartphone recalls in history. Safety regulators in the United States have issued warnings in recent weeks cautioning consumers not to turn on their Note 7s on airplanes — and not to use their phones at all. Going down in the history books doesn’t always pay off, as Samsung has learned after losing more than $14 billion of its market share in the recall to cover the costs involved with providing loaner smart-phones and exchanging defective units in favor of other select Galaxy devices free of charge. Not to mention the additional parts and labor required to refurbish the phablets with new batteries. Samsung recently shipped 500,000 new … Continue reading I survived the Galaxy Note 7 recall and all I got was this microSD card

T-Mobile rolls out Safety Updates OTA for the Galaxy Note 7

Due to exploding batteries on the Galaxy Note 7 device, T-Mobile is rolling out a mandatory update from Samsung that will change the color of the battery indicator light to green if the phablet has been replaced with one containing an unaffected power plant. Users will also be greeted with a friendly reminder to exchange their phone after installing the update package. The package started rolling out over the air to Galaxy Note 7 users Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, leaving a software update notice in their notification tray informing them of the mandatory installation: “Due to battery issues on Note 7 devices, this update checks whether your phone has been exchanged for one with a new battery. If it has been changed, the battery indicator light will turn green; if not, the light will not change. For your safety, if your phone has not been changed, a notification will be displayed when it turns on and after you charge … Continue reading T-Mobile rolls out Safety Updates OTA for the Galaxy Note 7

Huawei Mate 9 with Iris-recognition said to be a Galaxy Note 7 killer

While Samsung is busy cleaning up the mess left behind by the exploding Galaxy Note 7, news out of China suggests that Huawei’s latest Mate 9 could deal the Korean flagship another potentially fatal blow when it drops November 8th, sporting an iris scanner and 6GB RAM. We’ve seen a few leaks already that suggest the Huawei Mate 9 is going to be a powerful 6-inch phablet, and the news just keeps getting better. Latest indications from MyDrivers tells us that the upcoming Mate 9 will come in four versions, with the high end “Monarch” variant boasting 6GB RAM and 256GB internal storage . Built-in iris recognition coupled with fingerprint scanner was a big selling point for the Galaxy Note 7, making it one of the most secure smartphones on the market. If rumors hold true, it looks like we will see the same functionality with the Mate 9. Looking to raise the bar even further, the upcoming flagship from … Continue reading Huawei Mate 9 with Iris-recognition said to be a Galaxy Note 7 killer

Need a Note 7 Loaner? One of these phablets will hold you off while you wait for a replacement

If you recently bought a Note 7, you now have a tough decision to make. You can either go to bed every night wondering if your phablet is going to explode while you sleep, or you can exchange that ticking time bomb for a new phone with some peace of mind. Unfortunately, letting go of your beloved Note 7 won’t be easy, even if it’s only for a few weeks until the replacement models come in from Samsung – which are expected to ship to the U.S. no later than September 21, according to the official Note 7 recall page. With the Note 7 recall now official in the United States, carriers like T-mobile are offering complementary “loaner” devices to anyone who recently made an unfortunate purchase. For those thinking about going with a replacement or the dreaded temporary loaner, exchanging with another Samsung device means seamless functionality with your wearable devices and other accessories. Here are four suggestions worthy … Continue reading Need a Note 7 Loaner? One of these phablets will hold you off while you wait for a replacement

6 Amazing photos captured with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 has an incredibly dependable and responsive 12 MP camera, fitted with pro features that will have any mobile photographer salivating over the endless shooting possibilities. Even in auto mode, the Note 7 can effortlessly capture sharp, high-contrast images in almost any condition. With a super fast f/1.7 lens, the latest Galaxy Note is able to capture more light than any of its predecessors in the series. If you’re looking for a phablet that can replace your point and shoot, Samsung cameras are the best in-class among mobile phones right now. Combining the same powerful camera tech found in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with a beefy 5.7-inch display makes the Note 7 a great choice for those who want it all. Just take a look at these photos and decide for yourself… Landscape shots are stunning on the Note 7, packing rich color and sharp detail throughout the depth of field. By dialing in the … Continue reading 6 Amazing photos captured with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

4 Terrifying Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion Stories

Samsung has had a rough couple of weeks as it warns users of exploding batteries in their latest flagship phablet, loosing $22 billion in market share along the way. In the united states alone, there were over 70 reports of the Note 7 overheating, and earlier Saturday, the tech giant urged owners to turn the devices off immediately and take them in for an exchange. If you are still sitting on the fence wondering if you should return your Galaxy Note 7, here are four stories that perfectly illustrate the risk you’re taking by waiting. Man’s Home Condemned after Note 7 Allegedly Explodes in Garage A South Carolina man found his house up in flames after leaving his Galaxy Note 7 charging in the garage. Wesley Wartzog says he left the house to pick up his two daughters and when he returned, his home was surrounded by fire fighters. “Everybody was here and they were actually at the front door … Continue reading 4 Terrifying Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion Stories

Infrared camera shows Galaxy Note 7 getting really hot

With all the hype about Samsung batteries catching fire, we thought it would be fun to put one to the test with an infrared camera. Watch things get heated and see how hot this Note 7 actually got when we took it full throttle with a fast charger connected. The device used for this test was a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Model #SM-N930T, manufactured in China. Recent reporting by Phone Arena suggests that this phablet most likely has ATL-packaged battery cells inside, which are not believed to be fire prone. Nevertheless, T-mobile is also taking part in the voluntary recall being carried out by the other US carriers. Baseline readings (10%) At the start of the test, a baseline photo was taken without the charger connected. Battery life was at 10% with a surface temperature of 87.6°F. The phablet was then connected to the standard Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Adapter and the Samsung USB-C cable that shipped with the … Continue reading Infrared camera shows Galaxy Note 7 getting really hot

The Note 7 Has Been Recalled, Now What?

UPDATE 9/21/2016: More than 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 replacements have been shipped to the United States from Samsung. The new phablets are available for exchange at retail and mobile carrier stores as of Wednesday. UPDATE 9/6/2016: Samsung has posted an official announcement laying out Exchange Program Details for the Galaxy Note 7 on their website. UPDATE 9/5/2016: Gear VR owners are being warned by Oculus not to use their headsets with the Galaxy Note 7 until a replacement phablet is obtained. Now that the worldwide recall of the Galaxy Note 7 is official, new owners who waited so patiently to get their new phablet are probably wondering what to do next. According to an official statement by Samsung on Friday, owners may swap their phablets for new ones as early as next week. If you are looking for an immediate exchange, Samsung is offering up a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, with replacement of any Note accessories and a … Continue reading The Note 7 Has Been Recalled, Now What?

How to turn your Galaxy smartphone into a bedside alarm clock, charging station

Alarm clocks have been a common feature in most bedrooms and hotels for generations, and now with the release of Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand, you can throw out that old energy wasting time keeper and turn it into a energy supplier with a ton of useful features for the digital age. Guide Contents Necessary hardware for this project How to easily setup a bedside clock using Android Daydream Using Android Always On Display Instead of Daydream Take your clock to the next level with third party apps Setting Alarms Night Clock Mode 1. Necessary Hardware It’s past time to ditch fiddling around in the dark trying to find your phone or plugging up cables. Wireless charging is king and the new charging dock from Samsung is a must have accessory for your Galaxy Phablet. Along with the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung introduced Fast Wireless Charging which is 1.4x faster than older methods. Now that the technology has advanced … Continue reading How to turn your Galaxy smartphone into a bedside alarm clock, charging station