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Is My Galaxy Note 7 Going to Explode?

Update 9/21/2016: Samsung has shipped more than 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 replacements to the United States. The new phones are available for exchange at retail and mobile carrier stores as of Wednesday. Update 9/15/2016: Samsung recommends powering your Note 7 immediately and taking part in their Official Exchange Program. Update 9/5/2016: A new report by Phone Arena suggests checking the back of your phablet to see whether your device is fitted with a faulty battery. Looking at the stamp on the bottom rear of the handset shows where the phablet was made, models with the inscription “manufactured in China” are not believed to have the fire prone battery inside. If your Note 7 has the inscription “manufactured in Korea” or “in Vietnam” you should return the unit to the vendor, according to the report. Regardless of this new information, it’s still recommended that you swap your Note 7 out for a new one, or take up Samsung on their offer … Continue reading Is My Galaxy Note 7 Going to Explode?

S-Pen on the Note 7 Accidentally Pops Out Too Easy

It’s not uncommon to find the S pen sticking out after putting the Note 7 in a pocket or dropping it onto a soft surface. The ejector mechanism does not lock very well, which puts your S-pen at risk for getting lost or breaking. The one feature Samsung’s Note phablet has that sets it above the rest is the mighty S Pen. With each Note release, the digital scribbler gets better, and in the Note 7, the S Pen comes with a host of new benefits, and is arguably better than ever. However, it seems like ever since Samsung decided to go with the push to eject style S-pen, storing the S-pen has taken a turn for the worse. We all remember the “S-Pen-gate” of 2015, where people putting their S-pen’s into the silo backwards, only to find out it gets stuck and damages the detection sensor. Bummer. Now in 2016 it looks like we have a repeat of the … Continue reading S-Pen on the Note 7 Accidentally Pops Out Too Easy

T-Mobile Samsung Phablets Confirmed for Nougat Update

With Android Nougat officially out, T-mobile has published a list of Samsung Galaxy phablets that are set to receive the 7.0 OTA update. No timeline was given for when you can expect Android 7.0 from T-Mobile, but Samsung isn’t exactly known for speed when it comes to rolling out OS updates, and we don’t expect that to tradition to change significantly with Nougat. Plus, carriers always add and additional delay to the process for their own certification and bloatware installations. Based on past performance, we might not see an update until late February or early March 2017 for the first OTA updates to start rolling. The list is preliminary and more devices could be added in the future, but currently it includes the following phablets: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ We can probably expect the Galaxy Note 7 to be first up, with the S7 Edge logically following right … Continue reading T-Mobile Samsung Phablets Confirmed for Nougat Update

VA T-Mobile Stocks Only 8 Galaxy Note 7’s on Release Day

In the weeks leading up to the release of the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 7, T-mobile received so many pre-orders for the device that the company had to ship units from store inventory to meet the demand, resulting in retail shortages on opening day. One Virginia T-mobile store in Manassas sold out of Note 7’s within hours after opening because they only received a grand total of eight units to sell on release day. An associate at the Sudley Road Store tells Phablist that the reason for the shortage was a high volume of pre orders. He says the store would have more units first thing in the morning. The supply restraint was disappointing but shouldn’t come as a surprise. More than 200,000 people pre-ordered the Note 7 phablet within in the first two-days of its announcement, surpassing pre-order numbers for the top-selling Galaxy S7. In a statement to Reuters this month, the Korean giant said, “Pre-order results for the … Continue reading VA T-Mobile Stocks Only 8 Galaxy Note 7’s on Release Day