10 must-have accessories for the LG G6: essential tech for 2017

We break down some of the best gadgets — from cases and car chargers to connected devices — that will help to protect your LG G6 as well as make it more functional.

LG’s latest flagship handset — the G6 — is a major leap forward over its predecessor with its large 5.7-inch display and slick new 18:9 design. While the G6 is easily one of the best Android smartphones available in 2017, your user experience can be improved even further when paired with some great accessories.

Depending on the type of user you are, these accessories are either a must-have or a down-right necessity. Since the LG G6 is among the major flagship Android devices launched this year, you will find some decent discounts and deals on most of the accessories featured here.

Best LG G6 Accessories

  1. Screen Protectors
  2. microSD Cards
  3. Protective Cases
  4. USB Car Chargers
  5. USB Charging Cables
  6. Micro-USB to USB-C Adapters
  7. Wireless Charging Pads
  8. Chromecast
  9. Bluetooth Speaker
  10. Bluetooth Headphones

1. Screen Protector

LG gave its flagship phone a major makeover this year with a new design and a nearly bezelless display with an innovative 18:9 aspect ratio. But that great looking screen comes at a cost. The G6 has more surface real-estate than the G5, which means there’s more that can be broken after a tumble.

And as it turns out, LG did not make all surfaces equal on the G6. The curved glass panel on the back is made from the strongest Gorilla Glass 5, but for some reason the screen’s glass uses the overall weaker Gorilla Glass 3.

No matter what type of glass you have, it’s always a good idea to use a protective layer to stop minor scuffs and scratches from ever reaching your screen. They are the most inexpensive way to keep your display looking great and the best part is that they can be easily replaced, giving you that fresh out of the box feel.

Here are our top picks for the best LG G6 screen protectors:

Spigen Glas.t(R) Slim Screen Protector

best removable screen protector for lg g6
The Glas.t(R) Slim is our first choice for LG G6 protection.

One of the first brands to offer real glass screen protectors was Spigen, which is why the Glas.t(R) Slim is our first choice for LG G6 protection. Made from 9H tempered glass, its precision laser cut to perfectly fit the LG G6 and covers the entire screen, but it will still mesh well with a protective case.

Users who are turned off by glass screen protectors due to their size should know that the Glas.t(R) is an extremely thin piece of glass that offers superior protection for its size. When it gets scratched or cracked, you can easily take it off and apply a new one. You can find these in a two pack on Amazon.

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SuperGuardZ Privacy Anti-Spy Screen Protector

best privacy screen protector for lg g6

If you don’t like the added thickness that tempered glass screen protectors add, this SuperGuardZ screen protector from Armorsuit is made from premium Japanese PET film. It is an ultra HD clear screen protector that will not only protect your display, but it will also protect the body, which is also important since the back of the LG G6 is also glass and can be scratched and shatter pretty easily as well.

The SuperGuardZ Privacy screen protector also features a tinted screen that keeps what you are doing on your phone private. This will help keep prying eyes off your screen while in a crowded area, bus, train, airplane, etc.

Just keep in mind that privacy comes with a cost. Some users don’t like privacy screen protectors because the tinted film will darken your display, requiring a boost in screen brightness – and thus a reduction in battery life.

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Those of you who don’t like the added darkness from privacy films should consider the non-tinted version of the SuperGuardZ.

2. microSD card

With all our photos, apps and games, if there’s one thing we never seem to have enough of on our smartphones, its space! One of the greatest features on the LG G6 is the microSD reader that’s expandable to 2TB.

Of course, there isn’t that much storage available on a single memory card available yet, but it’s good to know that your phone is virtually future-proof when it comes to storage. If you want to increase your phone’s memory or invest in small, secure backup storage, you have many options when it comes to microSD cards.

Below are our top picks for the best LG G6 memory cards. Once you pick something out, we recommend taking a look at our guide on how to turn your Android smartphone into a portable WiFi hard drive.

Samsung EVO+ 256GB

best micro sd card for lg g6
The Samsung EVO+ 256GB is our top pick for expanding the storage space of your LG G6.

One of your best options for expanding your phone’s storage is Samsung’s 256GB EVO+ microSD card. Featuring read speeds of up to 95MB/sec and write speeds up to 90MB/sec, this card is easily fast enough to handle storing all the high-resolution photos and videos you take with your G6, while also letting you load up all your favorite music and movies with you on the go.

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SanDisk Extreme 128GB Micro SD Card

best memory cards for lg g6
SanDisk Extreme is waterproof, shockproof, and X-ray proof.

As with other of SanDisk’s microSD cards, the Extreme series is waterproof, shockproof, X-ray proof, and can stand up to extreme conditions. This card is also slightly faster than the Samsung one we listed above, coming in with read and write speeds of around 90MB/s. This card is plenty fast for recording video, even in 4K resolution. The Extreme 90MB/s microSD cards are available in 16, 32, 64GB capacities as well.

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SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro SD Card

best cheap micro sd memory card for lg g6
The SanDisk Ultra features up to 80 MB/s transfer speed and comes with SD adapter for use in cameras and computers.

Looking for just a little bit of extra space, or need multiple cards on the cheap? Then SanDisk has you covered with thier Ultra microSD card. This is a 32GB micro SD card, and while it likely won’t give you a ton of space on the LG G6, it will give you a bit extra, and for some people that may be all they need. It’s a Class 10 card, which means it can read and write full HD video as well as 4K without any real issues.

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3. Protective Case

While the LG G6 might be a design success, it isn’t the most robust of devices, and a screen protector alone does not protect the body. Yes, thanks to IP68 certification it’s dust-resistant and waterproof to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes – but an accidental drop onto concrete will see it become a spider’s web of broken glass, both front and back.

Not only that, but the LG G6’s stunning finish could quickly become tainted with scuffs and scratches as the rigors of daily life take their toll. Unless you wrap the phone in a protective case, that is.

Spigen Slim Armor Case

best case for lg g6
This case features a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing experience.

Being part of the Slim Armor family, this Spigen protective case is comprised out of an inner matte TPU material for shock absorption thanks to its Air Cushion Technology, and an outer matte polycarbonate frame that’s meant to primarily protect it from scratches and blemishes.

On its surface, the Spigen Slim Armor case looks a bit generic and bland, despite the four different color options you can choose from. In term of protection, the Slim Armor case is capable of handling minor falls or drops – though, the plastic outer shell makes the case feel a bit hollow.

It has a very appealing shape that follows the same rounded design language of the phone, giving you a form-fitting case that adds only a little bit of size to the overall device.

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Vigeer Shockproof Slim Fit Case w/ Card Holder

best card holder case for lg g6
A card slot is hidden on the back of this case and it’s perfect for securely storing your credit card or ID.

Nowadays, many people are going cashless, relying solely on their cards for payments, which isn’t a bad idea at all, since everything you need to carry around is a couple tiny pieces of plastic, instead of a big, chunky wallet. And if you can carry the card alongside your smartphone, things are even better!

If you are looking for something a bit more rugged than the Slim Armor, you might consider this Shockproof Slim Fit LG G6 case with cardholder from Vigeer, perfect for those who have a tendency of dropping their phones. Featuring a combination of premium soft TPU and premium PU leather, this case offers full degree of protection, being able to withstand even some serious shocks.

The card slot is hidden on the back and it’s perfect for securely storing your credit card/ID or even some cash. It also has an integrated kickstand, allowing viewing at multiple angles, and comes in five color options including Navy, Black, Gray, Mint Green and Rose Gold.

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Spigen Thin Fit

best slim protection for lg g6
The Spigen Thin Fit features for form-fitted PC constructions keeps the phone slim and lightweight

If you absolutely hate the idea of using a wallet case because of the added bulk, perhaps you should consider the LG G6 Thin Fit case from Spigen. While it won’t offer as much drop protection as some of the other cases featured here, it will protect your phone from scuffs and scratches throughout the day, especially while in your pocket or bag.

All your ports and side buttons are left wide open, and the case is thin enough to let NFC and wireless charging pass through without issue. Just remember that if you’re looking for a case that offers drop protection, you should consider some of our other options.

For those of you in the market for a slim and lightweight case to offer the most basic protection from nicks and scratches, this is your best bet.

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Maximum Protection

If you work in extreme environments, let your children play mobile games at the dinner table, or just have a bad case of butter fingers, you might be interested in a case that offers maximum safekeeping.

We are talking about serious protection here, these cases are designed to withstand almost anything you can throw at it, just know that these cases do add some considerable bulk and will make your phone feel much larger.

Otterbox Defender

best rugged case for lg g6
The Otterbox Defender features Triple-layer defense: inner shell, outer cover and touchscreen protection built in.

The Defender cases are the most rugged and most trusted phone cases, offering top protection against shock, drops, scuffs, throws, hammers, you name it. (Well, maybe not the last two). This family of cases from Otterbox is designed to protect your phone not only from keys and coins in your pocket, but also from damaging it in rough environment. The LG G6 Defender Series case is a good choice, if you are looking for a solid case that will withstand the test of time and don’t mind having your phone feel more brick-like.

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Spigen Rugged Armor

best protective case for lg g6
This case from Spigen features Mil-Grade certification with Air Cushion Technology for anti-shock protection.

If you are somewhere in the middle – looking for good protection without adding too much bulk to your phone – Spigen’s Rugged Armor cases are always a great option. This G6 case features a premium look with carbon fiber textures on the back, clear cutouts for your ports, camera and fingerprint scanner, including spider web shock absorption on the interior of the case along with Air Cushion Technology in all the corners.

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4. USB Car Charger

No matter how much battery life your phone has, its always a good idea to plug up whenever you can. Having an option to recharge your phone while on the go is important, and if you have a long commute, or use your phone for navigation, music, and more, while in the car, having a good car charger can make a world of difference.

Aukey CC-T8 Car Charger with Dual Quick Charge 3.0 Ports

best quick car charger for lg g6
This charger can handle 2 compatible devices simultaneously with Quick Charge 3.0

Because the LG G6 supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 standard, you will want to take advantage of USB car chargers that offer faster charging speeds, which is why our first choice is the Aukey CC-T8. It boasts two ports, each of which supports Quick Charge 3.0 speeds—and is backward compatible with 2.0, meaning there’s no “wrong” port to connect to.

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Tronsmart Dual USB Car Charger w/ Quick Charge 3.0 technology

best usb car chargers for lg g6
This car charger features a fixed cable and extra USB port.

Tronsmart’s car charger with a built-in USB-C cable is another great option for keeping your LG G6 juiced while on the road. It features a convenient, hard-wired USB-C cable so you’ll never need a second cable each time you drive. This charger also includes a handy USB Type-A port for charging another device at the same time via Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0.

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5. USB Charging Cable

With LG, HTC, Huawei, and even Samsung making the switch to USB-C, micro-USB Android smartphones are clearly out their way out. If you decide against a charger with a built in cable, you’re going to need at least one extra USB-C charging cable so you’re not always carrying around the one that came with the phone. Whether you’ll be using it solely in the car or leaving it at work, it’s never a bad idea to have a few extra charging cables lying around.

Belkin 3.1 USB-A to USB Type C Charge Cable

best usb type c cable for lg g6
The Belkin USB-A to USB-C Charge Cable lets you charge your USB-C device as well as sync your photos, music and data to your existing laptop.

Belkin has always made close to OEM cables and chargers and is well known for its quality. That being said this USB C to USB A 3.1 cable is no joke – it’s got a sturdy build to it, measures 3 feet in length, and can handle 3 amps of charge output with a 10Gbps data transfer rate.

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iOrange-E USB Type-C to Type-A Cable

best usb cable for lg g6
Premium Aluminum housing and sturdy nylon fiber jacket adds to the durability of this cable.

Here’s another good-looking, well-made cable. This iOrange-E Type-C to Type-A accessory comes with a braided cable made of nylon fiber and aluminum ports. It’s twice the length of the Belkin at 6 feet, so you also won’t have to struggle to use your phone while charging. The one downside here is that these cables will only supports charging at 2.4 amps and data transfers at 480 MB/s. That is still plenty fast, though.

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6. Micro-USB to USB-C adapter

If the LG G6 is your first Android phone that uses USB-C charging cables, chances are you’ve got quite the stash of Micro-USB cables lying around that are about to become obsolete.

Anker USB-C to Micro USB Adapter

best usb-c to micro usb adapter for LG G6
These adapters feature a fool-proof design with no installation required—simply plug and play.

If you want to continue using your old Micro-USB cables with the G6, you’ll want to pick up this two-pack of Anker adapters. These adapters are great because they are inexpensive and will get the job done, especially if you’ve got chargers or devices with integrated cables that can’t be swapped out easily.

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7. Wireless Charging Pad

The LG G6 supports wireless charging in the U.S. and Canada markets, and if you like the idea of keeping it conveniently charged without being tethered, and then you’ll need to pick up a wireless charger. When browsing for wireless charging pads, keep in mind that the LG G6 does not support fast wireless charging, so you needn’t worry about the speed of any wireless charger — they’ll all work just as quickly.

Anker PowerPort Qi 10 wireless charging pad

best wireless charging pad for lg g6
Simplify charging into just setting your phone down on a pad with this Anker wireless charger.

The Anker PowerPort Qi 10 wireless charging pad is your best bet. It’s simple to use with a premium design that features breathing LEDs to indicate your devices’ charging status. The non-slip pad keeps your phone secure and built in safety features prevent your device from overheating while protecting it from short circuits and electrical surges.

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Spigen Essential F300W wireless charging stand

best wireless charging stand for lg g6
The Spigen Essential F300W Wireless Charging dock features a stand design for comfort viewing.

This wireless charger from Spigen has more of a stand design that sits at an angle so you can easily glance over and see your screen, which is perfect for keeping at your desk. The Spigen Essential is fitted with three coils, so you can place your G6 vertically or horizontally and still have it receive a charge. This is great for giving your phone some juice while watching TV and movies.

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8. Chromecast

best accessories for lg g6
Use your LG G6 to stream content to your TV. While you’re streaming, you can also take calls or send messages without interrupting what’s playing.

With its portable size and ease of setup, the Google Chromecast is hands down one of the best accessories you can buy for any Android phone. This little dongle connects to your TV via an HDMI port and lets you “cast” all sorts of media from your phone over Wi-Fi. You can choose to mirror your phone display, or stream content from a growing number of Chromecast-enabled apps such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO Now, Chrome browser, and more.

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9. Bluetooth Speaker

Next to the USB Type-C port on the bottom of the G6, you’ll find a single speaker. While it seems loud for such a little speaker, like all bottom-mounted speakers, its sound quality is mediocre and you can accidently block it when using it in one-hand in landscape mode.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get high quality sound playing around your home or on the go, then nothing beats the convenience of a Bluetooth speaker. Simply charge it up, pair it to your phone, and you’ll be able to play your entire audio collection wherever you choose.

Choosing a wireless speaker is always going to be a compromise between portability, sound and water resistance. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Bluetooth speakers floating around, and sorting out which ones are worth your money can be a time-consuming process. We’ve rounded up our top three picks to help you along the way.

JBL Flip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

best portable speaker for lg g6
The Flip 3 can connect up to 3 smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns playing surprisingly powerful, room-filling stereo sound.

JBL, part of HARMAN, makes some great looking and sounding Bluetooth speakers and this is one of their less-expensive models. The Flip 3 is a splash-proof speaker, meaning you can use it outdoors without worrying too much about sudden showers, dust and other hazards of the elements, and it offers up 360-degree sound. With the included 3000mAh battery, you can get around 10 hours of playback.

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Philips BT3500B/37 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

best bluetooth speaker for lg g6
Philips offers advanced audio performance with a slim design and anti-clipping for loud, distortion free music.

This Bluetooth speaker from Philips looks and sounds great but it does not have splash protection like the Flip 3, so be sure to keep it away from the water. The main feature here is that the speaker has NFC in addition to Bluetooth, making it super easy to pair a new smartphone or tablet by simply tapping it on the speaker. Of course, it does also have some pretty great battery life, around 8-10 hours per charge.

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Bose SoundLink Color II

best portable wireless bluetooth speaker for lg g6
This speaker features innovative Bose technology that packs bold sound into a small, water-resistant speaker.

The Bose SoundLink Color II offers good sound quality and tons of features in a compact, splash-proof body. This Bluetooth speaker has crisp sound, rich in lows / highs, and a decent bass, especially considering its small form factor. In addition, you get an IPX4 splash-proof rating, making this the company’s only speaker that can stand up to the outdoor elements.

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10. Bluetooth Headphones

The world we live in is going wireless, and this includes headphones. Whether you’re commuting, traveling, or simply listening to music around the house, wireless headphones are just way more convenient than their wired counterparts are.

Photive BTH3 Over-The-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

best wireless headphones for lg g6
Enjoy wireless freedom by streaming music directly from LG G6 and say goodbye to annoying, tangled cords.

Photive has maintained an excellent reputation by introducing a wide range of high quality headphones to the market and the BTH3’s are no exception. These headphones are comfortable and conveniently equipped with many different controls for playback and volume, including a dedicated power button.

You can answer calls in the middle of playback thanks to a built in Mic and you can get nearly 12 Hours of use between charges, depending on your usage. You even get a Hard Travel Case to keep your headphones looking new. While there may be better headphones out there, you will be hard pressed to find a better option for the same price.

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Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth

best over the ear bluetooth headphones for lg g6
Enjoy significant noise reduction for travel, work and anywhere in between with the Cowin E-7 wireless headphones.

The Cowin E-7’s offer up a lightweight, comfortable, around-ear fit you can wear all day long. Like the BTH3, the E-7 has an on-board Mic plus controls for volume and switching up playlists. These over the ear headphones hold an exceptional value for the price and include outstanding features.

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Jaybird X3 Bluetooth Earbuds

best wireless bluetooth earbuds for lg g6
The X3 Headphones by Jaybird are designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing performance and looks.

If you don’t like the bulkiness of over the ear headphones, or need something compact for workouts, you should consider these Jaybird X3 Bluetooth earbuds. They come with three different pairs of wing tips and six pairs of ear tips that made it easy to find the perfect fit. The X3s have a slim profile that also makes them easier to wear. Like the X2s before them, these have an 8-hour battery life and now come with a charging cradle for when they die.

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SoundPEATS QY8 Wireless Earbuds

what are the best bluetooth earbuds for the lg g6
You can attach the two headphones together for a convenient way to wear them when not in use.

Those looking for Bluetooth earbuds on the cheap should consider the Soundpeats QY8’s, which have been impressing people in terms of connection, fit, and sound. These headphones have found a special following, mainly among runners, but those same features are what make them a great all-around choice.

The one downside is in battery life. The Qy8s last about 5-6 hours on a charge, which isn’t horrible, but certainly isn’t great. If you want a decent pair of inexpensive headphones that you can take with you on your commute and then to the gym after work, these might be for you.

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Bose Soundsport Wireless

best lg g6 wireless headphones for running
Bose StayHear + tips provide nice comfort and stability, with a soft silicone material and a unique shape that sits gently in your ear.

For a pair of wireless running headphones, look no further than the Bose Soundsport. These wireless earbuds are comfortable, feature easily accessible playback controls, and won’t fall out of your ear when running thanks to the signature Bose StayHear+ tips.

These earbuds are constructed with a sweat and water resistant plastic. If you intend to use them for running you should use the included shirt clip just to be safe, but you probably won’t need it for everyday use.

The Soundsport is designed so that the wire lies flat against the back of your neck, keeping the weight of the control module from pulling them out of your ear. The control module also houses a mic and the playback controls, which let you do everything from answer a phone call to skip tracks.

Battery life on these Bose earbuds is petty average at only about 6 or 7 hours, which should easily last you the day under normal conditions. For the average runner, these earbuds will not let you down. If you don’t mind spending a little extra, Bose also offers a version with a built in heart rate monitor.

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