6 Amazing photos captured with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 has an incredibly dependable and responsive 12 MP camera, fitted with pro features that will have any mobile photographer salivating over the endless shooting possibilities. Even in auto mode, the Note 7 can effortlessly capture sharp, high-contrast images in almost any condition.

With a super fast f/1.7 lens, the latest Galaxy Note is able to capture more light than any of its predecessors in the series. If you’re looking for a phablet that can replace your point and shoot, Samsung cameras are the best in-class among mobile phones right now.

Combining the same powerful camera tech found in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with a beefy 5.7-inch display makes the Note 7 a great choice for those who want it all. Just take a look at these photos and decide for yourself…

samsung galaxy note 7 camera example landscape photo
Photo: Phablist

Landscape shots are stunning on the Note 7, packing rich color and sharp detail throughout the depth of field. By dialing in the right settings, you might easily convince someone your photos came from a DSLR camera.

samsung galaxy note 7 camera example landscape photo 2
Photo: Phablist

Colors are vibrant with a naturally high dynamic range. The same dual-pixel technology found in the S7 gives autofocus speed a boost, allowing photos to be captured at mind-blowing speeds.

samsung galaxy note 7 camera zoom example photo
Photo: Phablist

When shooting from a distance, it’s amazing how much detail the lens can pick up. In this example, you can easily read the words “pick your own” painted on the back of the pickup truck way up on a hill across the street when zoomed in to 100%.

samsung galaxy note 7 camera clouds example photo
Photo: Phablist

Even in confusing situations, the Note 7 is able to produce great detail and vibrant colors.

samsung galaxy note 7 camera flower sample image
Photo: Phablist

Having a wide f/1.7 aperture on this camera produces beautiful bokeh, throwing the background nicely out of focus when shooting subjects up close.

samsung galaxy note 7 camera photo example flowers
Photo: Phablist.

Bottom Line

Anyone familiar with the Galaxy S7 and its class-leading image quality will know exactly what to expect from the Galaxy Note 7. If camera quality is an important deciding factor when choosing your phablet, you might not want to look much further. Just know that quality comes with a price, as the Note 7 retails for roughly $850.

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