7 Hilarious Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Memes

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 literally hit the market with a BANG. After being released in August, the Note 7 was an instant success and highly popular. Then, all of a sudden, units started catching fire and it didnt take long for the internet to respond with all sorts of really funny jokes, images, and memes.

We’ve compiled seven of the best Note 7 explosion memes for your viewing pleasure. Click any image to view full size.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Gear VR Explosion Meme
Photo: Reddit.

Note 7 + Gear VR = Regret. Gear VR owners were warned by Oculus against using their headsets with the Galaxy Note 7 until a replacement phablet could be obtained from Samsung.

How to safely charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion meme
Photo: Reddit.

Many believe, as the saying goes, “There is a grain of truth inevery joke”, and this meme is no exception. A man traveling to Australia on business claimed that his Galaxy Note 7 phablet exploded overnight in his hotel room as he slept with it charging nearby the bed. The explosion caused nearly $1,400 in damages after leaving burn marks on the hotel bed sheets and carpet.

funny galaxy note 7 global recall meme
Photo: Twitter.

The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled just a few short weeks after its release, causing major headaches for consumers who had anxiously anticipated its release.

funny galaxy note 7 explosion arson meme
Photo: Google+

Of course not everyone looks at disaster through the same lens. There are many situations where a fire hazard might come in handy, like for instances of insurance fraud and arson.

galaxy note 7 explosion zoolander meme hilarious
Photo: Reddit.

The note 7 is the hottest smartphone on the market right now. Okay, the jokes are getting bad.

samsung note 7 bonus offer explosion meme hilarious
Photo: Imgur.

One of the funnier memes involves a free bonus offer from Samsung. When you purchase the Galaxy Note 7 you get the option of a FREE fire extinguisher or 256 GB micro SD card.

funny note 7 meme grenade explosion
Photo: twitter.

Maybe Samsung can recoup their losses by selling the defective batteries back to the U.S. Department of Defense.

BONUS: You can now blow stuff up with the Galaxy Note 7 in ‘GTA V’

To add to all of the hilarity, HitmanNiko has created a mod for Rockstar’s insanely-popular game that turns the Samsung Galaxy Note7 phablet into a high-powered bomb. Actually, the mod replaces the original sticky bomb from the game with a realistic render of Samsung’s now notorious flagship, but either way you’re going to have a blast.

You can download the free Note 7 GTA V mod from the 5Mods website, but console users snark at the fact that it will only work on the PC edition. Simply walk into any gun store you can find in the game and pick one up once the mod is installed.

What is this all this about?

In case you have been living under a rock, numerous cases were reported about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire and exploding when left for charging shortly after their much anticipated release.

Airlines around the world were the first to ban the use of the Note 7, asking passengers to keep the device switched off and not charge it when the onboard. The United States government later got involved, sparking a formal recall of the units nationwide.

The consumer protection agency cited “serious fire and burn hazards” when itannounced the Samsung recall. “The lithium-ion battery in the Galaxy Note7 smartphonescan overheat and catch fire, posing a serious burn hazard to consumers,” it said, in a note on its website.

A batch of faulty Li-ion batteries in a relatively small number of the flagships gets the blame for this one. Samsung quickly reacted to the incident and recalled all units that were sold, replacing them with safe units.

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