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What in the world is a phablet?

The phablet is a class of mobile computing device with a diagonal display measurement ranging from 5-7 inches that is designed to combine the functions of both a smartphone and a tablet.

Since the release of the original Samsung Galaxy Note in 2011, the tablet and the smartphone have been quickly morphing into the same device and going against the golden rule of mobile phones, that smaller is better.

Phablets offer rich multimedia experiences, enhanced productivity features and may also be equipped with an integrated stylus for note-taking, sketching, and annotation. Analysis by Engadget in 2013 revealed that dropping screen prices, increased power efficiency, and the importance of multimedia viewing were critical factors in the popularity of the phablet.

Now LG, Sony, Huawei and ZTE, among others, are all betting that consumers find phablets are much more useful than small tablets for unifying communications on one device, and provide a more engaging multimedia experience than the traditional smartphone.

Phablets have become so popular that clothing companies have actually re-engineered their pants in order to accommodate these huge handsets.

The International Data Corporation anticipates that revenue from tablet sales, though continually growing, will most likely decrease to the single digits by 2017, with product sales of more compact tablets dropping the fastest.

Who came up with such a weird name?

Phablets are also sometimes referred to as a Phonepad, Padphone or Phonelet. Despite heavy criticism of the term, attempts to formulate something better have come up empty.

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