Easily SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ with these tips

Some mobile carriers put software locks on their devices to prevent them from being used on the networks of other service providers. This is usually the result of the phone being sold at a discounted rate (subsidized) and it’s meant to ensure the phone can only be used on the provided network until the service term is paid up.

how to sim unlock the samsung galaxy s6 edge plus complete guide

If you purchased the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ from a mobile carrier through one of these programs, chances are that your phablet will only work on that particular network – preventing you from using that same device if you decide to switch networks or sell it to someone else.

In this guide, we will look at a couple fairly simple methods that will successfully unlock your Galaxy S6 Edge+ SIM, giving you some well-deserved freedom and flexibility.

Method 1. Contact your service provider to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Sometimes getting a SIM unlock code only requires a phone call to your service provider. Not all mobile carriers will give you the code, but you might get lucky if you are a preferred customer or perhaps know somebody who works at the company. It’s always worth giving this a shot before moving on to other methods, so here are some tips to get you started.

Have your IMEI number ready

This number is a unique identifier used by a GSM network to identify that your device is valid. You can easily locate the IMEI number on your Galaxy S6 Edge+ by opening the phone dialer and punching in #06# on the keypad. Write this number down and then call your carrier’s customer service line.

WARNING: Make sure your phone is 100% CLEAN (not reported as “Lost” or “Stolen”) before calling the mobile carrier. If this method doesn’t work for some reason, you can always find the IMEI number in your system settings.

How to locate Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ IMEI number

  1. From the home screen, tap the apps icon.
  2. Tap settings.
  3. Scroll down to “System,” and then tap “About Device”.
  4. Tap Status.
  5. Scroll to and view the IMEI number.

Be Polite When You Call

This is where things can get tricky. Cell phone customer service reps are notorious for being difficult to work with but if you politely explain to them that you intend to use a local service when traveling overseas they should provide you with the code without a hassle. Plus, you already have your IMEI number ready, which makes it easier for them.

Most service providers in the United States will often give you a SIM unlock code for your phablet free of charge as long as your account is paid up. If not, you can manage to sweet talk the person on the other end of the line. Either way they might try to offer you the code for a fee, in which case you may be able to get one cheaper from a third party provider.

If you happen to own a Galaxy S6 Edge+ with T-mobile branding, Android SIM Unlock claims they can unlock your phablet using the Device Unlock app, even if T-mobile tells you the device in not eligible to be unlocked.

Method 2. Get a third-party unlock code

Going with a third party SIM unlock code may sound risky, but there is nothing to fear if you choose a trust worthy provider with the right tools for your Galaxy S6 Edge+. DoctorSIM is a reputable SIM unlock service that works with Android phones from most manufacturers and they provide 24-hour support.

Other services like Unlock Base can find the unlock code for your phone within a couple of days and offer a money back guarantee if the code doesn’t work or can’t be found. Because there are so many of these services available, using the list provided below should help avoid confusion.

Recommended Android SIM Unlock Service Providers

  1. Doctor SIM
  2. Unlock Base
  3. Mobile Unlocked
  4. Cell Unlocker

No matter which way you cut it, the unlocking process is pretty straightforward once you’ve obtained the code from your chosen service provider. Follow this simple three-step process:

How to SIM Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Using a Third Party Unlocking Code

  1. Eject the SIM tray on the side of the phone using a SIM ejector tool.
  2. Replace your mobile carrier SIM card with one from another service provider.
  3. Enter the SIM unlock code provided by the third party unlock service.

Your Galaxy S6 Edge+ should now be unlocked for you to fully enjoy on a new network!

How to remove Galaxy S6 Edge+ SIM card

The Nuclear Option: Rooting

If neither of the previous options are working for you, there is always rooting as a last ditch effort. This is the most risky unlock methods as there is a very high chance you can end up with a bricked phone, which is totally useless. This method should only be performed by tech savvy individuals, as each software build is different, but if you feel comfortable trying it then check out the Galaxy S6 forums at XDA developers.

Is it legal to use a SIM unlock code on my phone?

All service providers in the United States have fully implemented policies that allow their customers to unlock their phones when switching between compatible wireless carriers. Under new standards implemented in 2015, your prepaid device is eligible to be unlocked by a participating provider no later than one year after activation, consistent with reasonable time, payment, or usage requirements.

Your postpaid device is eligible to be unlocked by a participating provider after you have fulfilled the applicable service contract, completed the device installment plan or paid an early termination fee. See this phone unlocking guide on the FCC official website for more details on the subject.

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