Weekly News Roundup: LG G6 photos, Galaxy S8 leaks, Android updates, and more

Another week goes by and we already have our first month of 2017 behind us, which means we are getting even closer to the annual MWC trade show and the release of the first exciting new flagships of the year.

Below, you’ll find the biggest phablet stories of the week. The LG G6 is up first, making the biggest headlines of the week. We also got some new Galaxy S8 leaks to report, along with Android updates for a few T-Mobile phablets, and a new teaser by ZTE.

LG G6 Leaks Everywhere

We are just a few weeks away from the release of the LG G6 in Barcelona and photos alleging to be the upcoming 5.7-inch phablet have been popping up all over the place.

  1. New images obtained by Droid-Life show off what appears to be an early prototype of the LG G6, which reveal a metal exterior that LG is expected to use, with a minimal screen-to-bezel ratio around the front. On the backside, you can see a dual-camera setup and a centered rear fingerprint reader.

    LG G6 Prototype Leaked
    LG G6 prototype released by Droid-Life. Photo: Droid-Life
  2. On Thursday, Business Insider revealed a new real-life image of the LG G6. Sent by an alleged insider, the photos show a near-final unit, sporting a shiny black finish, reminiscent of the Jet Black color on the iPhone 7.

    Real-life photo of alleged LG G6. Photo: Business Insider.
    Real-life photo of alleged LG G6. Photo: Business Insider.
  3. On Friday, the folks over at underKG published an article showing more alleged “real-life” photos of the LG G6, this time in a Brushed Metallic finish. In this batch of photos, there is a nice shot of the G6’s backside, in addition to the bottom and top. The photos clearly show the 3.5mm headphone jack, USB Type-C port, and bottom-firing speaker. Other notable features visible in the photos include LG’s dual-camera setup and fingerprint reader.

    LG G6 in brushed metallic finish. Photo: underKG.
    LG G6 in brushed metallic finish. Photo: underKG.

Samsung Galaxy S8 availability leaked?

According to recent leaks from industry insider @mmddj_china, the Galaxy S8 will come with a Dual ADC camera and 6GB of RAM. In a set of tweets, the leakster speculated South Korea and China will get devices with 6GB RAM and not the lesser ones with 4GB expected to arrive everywhere else. The Asian markets are said to have the option between 64GB or 128GB internal storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+ getting January security patch on T-mobile

T-Mobile has released a new update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus. The new update brings Android security fixes for January and is about 60MB in size. It has also been said in a report by The Android Soul that the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge will be getting the patch, but T-Mobile is slow to update the handset software pages to reflect this. The update for the Galaxy Note 4 and S6 Edge Plus arrive as version N910TUBU2DQA1 and N915TUBU2DQA1, respectively.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat update won’t reach all regions in Q1

The Galaxy S7 / S7 edge Nougat update may have officially started rolling out, but it’s not yet available in all markets around the world. According to one Samsung rep in Singapore – the roll out in that market won’t begin until next quarter.

A screenshot posted on XDA developers reveals a chat with the Samsung rep that has given a “rough” timeline of the update being released April to June. While the information seems legit, we can only assume what the rep says is accurate until Samsung officially releases a statement. It’s not unusual for reps to get information wrong, as we’ve seen many times in the past.

Honor 6X will be getting Nougat/EMUI 5 in March

When the 6X was unveiled at CES last month, many were disappointed to learn it would be shipping with Android Marshmallow. We were told that it would receive the latest version of Android within several months of its release and this week Honor has confirmed that it will begin rolling out the EMUI 5.0/Nougat update to the Honor 6X in March after giving the following statement to Android Police:

“The new EMUI for Honor 6X will be arriving next month, and it’s been updated based on consumer feedback.”

Confirming that the handset would be updated next month, Honor also hinted that the EMUI 5.0 UX might be different from that found on the Huawei Mate 9.

Free year of Netflix with purchase of T-mobile Galaxy S7 ends February 7

If you purchase or lease a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge from T-Mobile by February 7, T-mobile will give you a full year’s Netflix subscription for free. If you have been thinking about getting a S7 you only have until Tuesday to take advantage of this special offer.

Samsung plans to tease Galaxy S8 flagship in a one-minute trailer at MWC event

Samsung is expected to give the audience at Mobile World Congress 2017 a glimpse of its flagship smartphone – the Galaxy S8 – at the press conference through one-minute video clip. According to a report by the Korea Herald, Samsung delayed the traditional launch of the Galaxy S series at MWC until April due to the safety issues caused by Note 7 explosions.

Samsung's 2017 MWC press invite. Photo: Samsung.
Samsung’s 2017 MWC press invite. Photo: Samsung.

Despite the delay, there won’t be much for Samsung to tease by the time MWC comes around. We got some first looks of actual photos of the phone, along with rumored specs from multiple sources. According to the leaks, the Galaxy S8 is expected to come in two sizes with an “infinity” edge display, Snapdragon 835 SoC, and 64GB of storage.

Leaked schematics claim detailed Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus measurements

Samsung’s highly anticipated flagship announcement is nearly two months away, yet leaks surrounding the Galaxy S8 have been coming from all directions, and a fresh new batch of schematics from CNET Korea offers detailed measurements for the pair of phablets.

The renders were produced based on “eye-witness accounts”, according to a report by PocketNow. The larger version of Samsung’s upcoming flagship is packed with 154.46 millimeters of display into a nearly “edgeless” package measuring 159.53mm in height and 73.37mm wide, including dual curved edges.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus dimensions. Photo: Matt Kim / cnet Korea.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus dimensions. Photo: Matt Kim / cnet Korea.

PocketNow notes that is roughly a 6.1-inch screen in a body slightly taller and wider than the 5.5-inch S7 Edge. On the other hand, the smaller of the S8 pair is purportedly 143.05mm (5.63 inches) screen, 68.05mm wide (including edges), and 131.58mm tall (not including top and bottom bezels).

New Huawei Mate 9 commercial stars former “I’m a Mac” actor

Remember when Justin Long played the “Mac” part in the famous series of “Get a Mac” ads in the late 00’s? He’s now been hired by Huawei in an effort to take a bite out of Apple in the US smartphone market. Just as Sprint did with the Verizon guy, the actor’s history with a rival is the primary reason he was considered, according to a report by Apple Insider.

Simply titled “The Interview,” the 60-second advertisement shows long seated across from a Mate 9. The actor is interviewed by the massive 5.9-inch phablet, which communicates via emoji, photos and video. The new Huawei commercial is expected to air during the Superbowl but you can watch it right now on YouTube.

Nexus 6P likely to receive fingerprint gesture with Android 7.1.2 update

Google has announced that Android 7.1.2 OTA update will be rolling out to members of the Android Beta Program this week, including owners of the Google Pixel. This update addresses the controversy last year over why last generation’s Nexus devices were not receiving the ‘Swipe for notifications’ gesture, despite featuring the exact same fingerprint sensor found on the Pixel.

The original Android 7.1 did not bring the desired feature to either Nexus 5X or 6P. With the latest Android 7.1.2 update, the feature is now accessible under ‘Moves’ in Settings for the 5X. Nexus 6P owners have yet to receive the Developer Preview, but there is little reason to doubt that the device will also get the new gesture.

ZTE teases new 5.5-inch phablet

A new video teaser has surfaced on the official ZTE India Twitter account showing an upcoming smartphone with no name and few hints on its design. The handset being teased is said to be the ZTE Blade A610 Plus, according to a report by GSM Arena. The report notes other rumored specs for the device, including a MediaTek MT6750T SoC, 5.5-inch 1080p display, 2GB/16GB memory configuration, 13MP/8MP camera combo, support for 4G VoLTE, and Android Marshmallow OS.

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