The First Phone Shipping with Android 7.0 is a 5.7-inch Phablet

While Google’s Nexus users are already enjoying the taste of Nougat, the honor of the world’s first phone shipping with the new version of Android pre-loaded goes to the LG V20, a 5.7-inch powerhouse phablet.

The world's first phone shipping with Android 7.0 is a Phablet

The V20 is even being promoted on the Android Nougat website, showing a holographic cutout of the phone. While not much is officially known about the upcoming device, what we do know is listed below:

1. It’s a cross between a V10 and a G5

CAD renders of the phablet leaked by @onleaks show a camera protrusion similar to the G5, a secondary display and another release switch for plug-in modules.

2. It will have a Secondary Display

The secondary ticker display above the main screen on the V10 can be used for app shortcuts, notifications or cutesy messages. After gaining mixed reception last year, it seems LG is keeping the feature as leaked renders from @evleaks reveal something similar in the V20.

3. Video Quality Will Be Very Good

LG launched a short video on Twitter that they claim was filmed with an LG V20 phablet. It’s true we have no impartial camera test to go by, but the results that LG has managed to produce with the V20’s camera is pretty impressive.

The colors are crisp and the quality is clear. Contrast has nice balance, and the overall quality is something you might expect to see from professional equipment rather than any kind of smartphone. It’s possible that LG will be using a dual camera setup.

4. It’s an Audiophiles Dream

Not only will the LG V20 be the first phone to run Android 7.0, but it will also be the first smartphone to feature a 32-bit Quad DAC (digital to analog converter) for best in class audio experience.

High resolution audio playback is an exciting leap forward considering not much innovation has taken place in the smartphone audio department when compared to other hardware advances. The component reportedly comes from audio firm ESS, which provided the 32-bit DAC for the V10.

LG is also rumored to continue the partnership with Bang & Olufsen, which brought us the B&O Play module on the G5. The company claims the V20 will “feature best-in-class audio functions developed in partnership with B&O PLAY.”

It’s Coming September 6

LG will hold the V20’s launch event in San Francisco on Sept. 6, right between IFA 2016 in Berlin, and Apple’s expected iPhone 7 launch event. Given their choice of date, it clear that LG sees the V20 as a strong contender for the 2016 fall lineup.

Given what we know, it’s likely that the V20 will be available in the US and Korea. No word yet on any Euro release, and considering that the V10 never saw much Euro action, only time will tell.

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