Wozniak Says Holding Out on iPhone Phablet Was a Bad Apple

Cupertino co-founder tells CNN Money he thinks Apple was way late to the phablet game and as a result, Samsung made out big time.

Holding out so long on producing an iPhone phablet was a bad idea, says Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who thinks the company would have a much larger share of the smartphone market if they would have jumped on the big screen bandwagon years ago.

Steve Wozniak Says Holding Out on iPhone Phablet Was a Bad Apple

Berkeley Blue made his comments in an interview with CNN Money, noting that the iPhone 6 Plus arrived on the market nearly three years too late, and the result is now an inability by Apple to fully compete with Samsung without first playing a serious game of catch-up.

Keen-eyed observers might remember that three years ago was when the Galaxy Note made its debut, Apple outright refused for the longest time to offer a bigger screen on the iPhone because they said it would make the iPhone to bulky and difficult to handle.

Never the less, Samsung pressed ahead with what later became a trend that critics said would never catch on, with Apple eventually increasing the size of the 3.5-inch iPhone screen by a whopping half inch. It wasn’t until three years later when Cupertino realized this phablet thing is here to stay.

In the end, the latest iPhone phablet has been a breath of fresh air to Tim Cook & Co. as they enjoy record sales numbers despite reaping about only half of the 24% market share occupied by Samsung, according to recent numbers by the IDC.

Wozniak also shared some thoughts about Apples new smartwatch, noting that he was an early adopter of the technology back when he used to strap his iPod nano to his wrist. The smartwatch ultimately didn’t work out to well for him because he kept finding himself wanting a bigger screen.

“I kept saying that I’d like to have a smartphone on my wrist, so I bought a few smartwatches when they first came out.” Wozniak said. “I got rid of them so quick. I got real negative on smartwatches.”

Woz left Apple in 1987 but is admittedly still a fan of the company that he and the late Steve Jobs created. He tells CNN Money he does not exclusively use Apple products however because he likes to experiment with different gadgets before committing to them.

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  • Cordell W. Riley

    Steve maybe correct. I switched to the original Note from a BlackBerry. If Apple had made a larger phone, I would have went with that. I bought the Asus 6.8 inch Ultra but it burned out and Asus refused to repair it, even though it was under warranty. I like the Note 8 but won’t be parting with $1k. So I’ve got under review Xiami Mi Max and Sony 1ax Ultra. I’m leaning towards the Ultra.